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Doug Ellin speaks about his induction into our Hall of Fame in the last five minutes of this interview.

One of the producers of this HBO documentary, Carlye Rubin, is a Bellmore JFK alum.  Not sure what year!

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Merrick Man Traces Grandfather

Thought you all might enjoy this article about our very own Mark Meyerowitz!!

The article is about Mark and his son, Seth, uncovering
information about his father/grandfather from when he was shot down over France during World War II. We have attached a link below to the article if you would like to take a look.

Alumni in the NEWS

Feb 9, 2012 New York Times
The front page of the Arts Section of today's New York Times has a review (and a photo) of the latest play starring Bob Stillman. We knew Bob as Robert Cohen, Class of 72. I've seen him in other things, and he's terrific. Pass the word.

Best Chef

Congrats to Scott (class of 71) & Randi Weiner Schenkers (class of 72) son Chef Jesse of Recette  Restaurant on the Win on the Food Network Program Iron Chef Program as Best  Chef

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