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June 26 2018- Minutes


Hi fellow Alumni,

We had the last meeting of the school year this week. It got off to a great start

with a surprise visit from Wayne Raso the new PTA President. We were so happy
to meet Wayne and have him join right in. His energy and insight was terrific. We all
look forward to working together to help our current students and school. Ms. Connolly
was also at the meeting and as always her guidance and leadership help us stay on point
and keep us on the right path.

Other topics discussed were the ASR program and plans about that project targeted for
September. The arrival of the bricks at the school Monday,for the Poppe Courtyard project.

The alumni lead by Dr. Gary Morganstern continue to raise money through donations for the
ongoing support of this project.

We discussed all our social media, updating plans for the website specifically and continuing

plans for Facebook and the other social media outlets. With Wayne we discussed reaching out

To Sports Boosters and other clubs to coordinate future fund raising ideas. This included what
merchandise they sell and at what events. We discussed what have historically been successful
ventures and ideas to support PTA and Booster organizations. We maintain our willingness to

assist these organizations in any way we can.

Lastly we discussed the Hall of Fame. Typically we have held that event every other year. As you
would expect, a great deal goes into the planning of such an event. We hope existing members
reach out as well to help us support these wonderful nights. We agreed to set up a meeting for 
August to plan and discuss all the items involved.

Lastly I want to thank Wayne Raso again for coming down to our meeting. He set a terrific
example of what can be accomplished by just coming to one meeting. We reach out to all 
alumni to feel welcome to attend any of our meetings coming up in the new school year.

Thank you all for your continued support and keep an eye on our website and Facebook to follow

what we at the Alumni Association are working on.

Best to all

JFK Alumni Board




We need help with the following committees:
Membership,  Hall of Fame,  Fundraising,  Alumni Clothing
We Need Class Reps From Each Graduating Class
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