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The Bellmore JFK Alumni, Inc.

The official site for Bellmore JFK High School Alumni

Bellmore JFK Alumni, Inc

John F Kennedy High School

3000 Bellmore Avenue

Bellmore, NY  11710


coming soon

New York & Florida Reunions

Aug 3rd 2014  6:30PM

click on link below for info and to REGISTER !

Singels Mingels, Multi Year, Multi School Reunion.pdf

If you have not dated in a while, you may find this booklet and letter helpful.

click on the below links to bring up documents;


JFK How To Date With Success _ Ellen Gerst.pdf

Are You Ready Willing and Able _Ellen Gerst.pdf


If any alumni receives emails or letters from Alumni, 

E Yearbook, Classmates or Memory Lane disregard it. 

These sites have noting to do with The JFK Alumni organization.  

It is a scam

Bellmore JFK Alumni, Inc., the official and only 

Alumni Association of JFK High School Bellmore.



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The bottom line is: please support John F. Kennedy High School and the Alumni Association. It was these strong roots that created your paths in life and put you on your road to success; now you can help us do the same for others.  We will be in contact with you about future events, programs, scholarships, as well as informal and formal get-togethers.  Below you will find a link to our first newsletter. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!


Kennedy Cougar Alumni Edition Newsletters


click on the pdf links below to view and print !!

July 2013 Edition

The Kennedy Cougar Alumni Edition July 2013.pdf

November 2012 Edition

The Kennedy Cougar Alumni Edition November Issue Final.pdf


July 2012  Edition

          The Kennedy Cougar Alumni Edition.pdf

2015 Hall of  Fame Event

Info to Follow in May 2014


JFK Young Alumni Grads

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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Alma Mater
Oh Kennedy we pledge thee our loyalty
Our lives shall tell of all you’ve taught
Our spirit sings thy name.
With honor and courage, we’ll praise alma mater
Oh grey and green we hail thee
... Banners waving high.
For Kennedy, we shall proclaim
Our love shall never die


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